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Let our prayers be like a sweet fragrance to God..
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Mar. 31st, 2009 @ 11:46 pm Sleep and forgiveness
Current Mood: Lost
I'm new to live journal.  Ijust found your group and I was wondering if maybe you could pray for me.  I just broke off a relationship with a guy I care about greatly because he is a non-believer.  He has hobbies and ideas that I can not be a part of as a christian.  I'm on this journal right now because I have'nt been able to sleep in three days.  I feel guilty because God was telling me to choose a different path but I ignored him and opened myself up to a world I shouldn't have.  I know God forgives sin but I still can't find peace.
Please pray for me.  I feel selfish focusing on myself but I don't know where else to turn.
Feb. 21st, 2007 @ 02:26 pm
My boyfriend Nick is trying to get housing on campus at his college. He has a really bad lottery number so his only hope is that someone with a better lottery number needs a roomate.
Please pray that this occurs. He is having difficulty realising that prayer is important for every situation, not just ones that seem huge, hich is why i'm posting this and not him.
thank you

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greater is he
Nov. 9th, 2006 @ 07:19 pm Hannah Sobeski
A few weeks ago I asked for prayer for Saracoma patient Hannah Sobeski. Well, at 4:30 this afternoon Hannah Sobeski died. I ask for prayers for Hannah's family and friends.
Oct. 19th, 2006 @ 06:54 pm Update on Hannah Sobeski
A few days ago I posted asking for prayer for cancer patient, Hannah Sobeski. Yesturday Hannah was placed in the hospital again for a fever of 103.7, a hemoglobin of 6, and low blood counts. Today her temperature was up and down but is now at a reasonable level. Please continue praying for her!
Oct. 17th, 2006 @ 09:40 pm Pray for Hannah
Please pray for 17 year old Hannah Sobeski. Hannah was supposed to be a senior at Dorman Highschool in Spartanburg, South Carolina this year. March of this year Hannah was diagnosed with Sarcoma (a type of cancer). She had chemotherapy done at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. She returned home on September 12th. On October 14th Hannah was crowned Homecoming Queen of Dorman Highschool. Sadly though, on October 15th the results of a CT scan came back and Hannah's tumor has doubled in size. She basically has been sent home to die. But with prayer there is hope. God doesnt need Chemo to help Hannah. Please tell your friends and family to pray for Hannah and her family!

For more information on Hannah visit her caringbridge site at: http://www.caringbridge.org/cb/inputSiteName.do;jsessionid=A4E548E5872472BBC567D245BAA4F2D0

Thank You.
Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 11:12 am
so im new to this group.
i ask that you please pray for my parents salvation, ive been praying for it since i was young.
thank you.
Jul. 28th, 2006 @ 11:39 am
My dad, raised a Catholic (now non-denom)and taught to be very independent, is really having trouble trusting and relying on God for strength and joy. If you could pray that would be amazing!!
Thank you!

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Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 04:53 pm
hi brothers and sisters of faith,

i'm sure most of us can agree that life can be a bit burdensome at times. we are tested seemingly everyday and struggle to get through by God's providence. i just wanted to ask for your prayers for me and for each other. i'm having a bit of difficulty these days finding a new apartment, a new car (since i crashed mine in early october), and a new mindset in accomplishing what i need to do. please pray for me to find the strength to persevere during these trials. thank you for continued support..
Aug. 16th, 2005 @ 12:07 pm
Indian Children, indian children
Aug. 10th, 2005 @ 05:23 pm
If you could all just pray for my Dad right now. His job is really difficult for him right now. Everyone just keeps piling work on top of him, they are asking him to do things that he is not okay with, and the employees are all very awful to each other.

I don't know what God has in store but if you could just pray that he gets used to it, and becomes content and things settle down, or that a new job presents itself, it would be much appreciated. Losing his job right now would turn our worlds upside down. Please pray. Thank you.

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Music: Fiercest Bitch Ever